[Advaita-l] Motivation for Advaitins

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Sat Jul 30 03:47:46 CDT 2011

Now, what is the motivation for an advaitin to undertake sadhana? I am not
talking about intellectual pursuit but actual practice for becoming a jivan
The mind of the advaita sadhaka who is "really desiring jivanmukti"
is already ripe owing to his vasanas  & samskaras who diligently performs
nitya / naimittika karmas. He has the required viveka & vairagya and 
has the maturity to grasp the "guru vakya".  He is learned but humble.
And with this humility, he approaches a satguru as described in the
sloka "praNipAtEna ..paripraShNEna sEvaya".
The guru should be shrotriya & brahmaniShTa whereas the sishya should be
learned and humble.  Only then the "knowledge flows" from guru to sishya.
Having listened to the acharya bOdha, performs manana. This should be 
be coupled with tyAga & karma phala sanyAsa.  Only then the result
in the form of nidhidhyAsana is achieved. 
That is why shruti lays importance on the guru & acharya as:

// advaitaM hi sivaM prOktaM kriyAyAsavivarjitaM
guruvaktrENa labhyatE nAdhItAgamakOtibhiH //

Advaita is said to be most auspiciousness principle which is not attained by
dharma. It is only to be understood from the guru-parampara.
// tadvijnAnArthaM sa guruM eva abhigacchEt //
to know Brahman, one must approach a shrotriya satguru)
// AchAryavAn puruShO vEda //

Our innermost self is already existence, consciousness and bliss. The
state of brahman is not improved by the sadhana but only the mind is
conditioned through manana, nidhidhyasana etc. until the point of manonasa.
The ignorance associated with the jiva is destroyed or in other words the
very jivahood is sublated. 
Yes True.  This is what is the essence of Tat Tvam Asi.  
Even if one does that, it only ends the cycle for
that particular jiva where as the Isvara and other jivas continue in
material or spiritual realms. It is almost as if one pops out the eternal
play once and for all. Gaudiya Vaishnavas call it suicide, 
This is not suicide but kaivalya.  brahmavit brahmaiva bhavati says the shruti.
Let us not create a hotch-potch of gaudiya siddhanta & advaita as both are poles apart.
It is like a "forced marriage with the option to divorce".  Gaudiya's ultimate aim is to
go to "go loka" and participate in the "eternal rasa lila" with radha & krishna.
In "mukti neri", sringeri periyava says
that even in the presence of Ishvara, there is fear when there duality and
quotes the upanishads. But I didn't why would one fear when there is the
direct experice of and protection by the lord?

Yes true.  "dvitIyAdvai bhayaM bhavati" says the shruti.


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