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>  On Mon, 25 Jul 2011, Rajaram Venkataramani wrote:
> I would like to know names of advaitins who were also bhagavath bhaktas
>> (like Madhusudana, Appayya Dikshitar etc.) who expressed their devotion by
>> composing hymns. Though any name is good, I am particularly keen to have
>> names of those who lived before Ramanuja to validate the theory that
>> vaishnavas influenced Bhagavath Bhakti in Advaita.
> Don't know if he wrote any stotras but the earliest known commentator on
> the Bhagavatapurana is Chitsukhacharya the author of the influential Advaita
> work tattvapradipa or Chitsukhi.  Sadly his tika is no longer available but
> he is quoted by Shridharacharya.
> RV: This is an extremely useful input. Is there a good translation of
Sridhara's Bhagavatam commentary that you know of? I need the specific
references. I located "Citsukha's contribution to Advaita" by VA Sarma. Is
there any good work on his contribution to bhakti aspect?

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