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Whether we like or not, it changes. 
There are only 50 to 100 aahitaagnis in AP who perform all the vihita karmas properly, I am told. I - as with so many others - did the Sudra vritti of serving others (employed in private 'service') for a living all my adulthood. Kshatriyas play polo, and are not involved in protecting people. Ambani is selling non-veg in his stores. Visvamitra srishTi in vegetables overshadows Brahma srishTi. Since all girls are to be married only after 18, and since they become rajasvalas much before that, with the marriage of every girl, we either break man-made law or the sanaatana dharma as propounded in the Dharma Saastra.
A yuga purusha, or somebody much respected, would lay down the new dharma. Attempts are being made continuously. In this list itself we discussed Swami Vivekananda and Swami Dayanada Saraswati recently; we could have added Shirdi Sai Baba, Osho, Puttaparti Satya Sai Baba, Ganapati Sacchidaananda Swami, Baba Ramdev etc. each in effect changing Dharma a bit or more. Many accept the change wholesale (like women saying 'my guru asked me to recite the Gayatri') while others follow their teaching selectively practicing the Upanishadic advice: yaani anavadyaani karmaaNi taani sevitavyaani no itaraaNi; and some reject everything.
Who am I to say anything? If Konkan Brahmins and Bengali Brahmins eat fish, it is acceptable in their circles; if Kashmiri pandits eat meat, it is similarly acceptable, as is Kalinga Vysyas eating meat. Whether a new Dharma Saastra is written or not, their behaviour will not change. Similarly when other Brahmins eat meat, drink alcohol etc. or when Sikhs smoke or drink alcohol, it is not because they do not know what their gurus said; they choose to do so.
It takes a brave and honest man to go against established practices and yet be accepted by the establishment.
N. Siva Senani

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>Nowadays many Brahmins and Vysyas do not, because the Dharma Saastras say so. Dharma changes from time to time, place to place, and situation to situation. 
>praNAms Sri Sive Senani Nori prabhuji 
>Hare Krishna 
>So, prabhuji, do you suggest that our age-old dharma shAstra-s should undergo amendments from the capable authority  from time to time to accommodate the latest stand  of new brAhmaNa & vysya generation ??  As you know, Sri chandrashekhara Saraswati Swamiji  has made some interesting comments with regard to correcting the already worn-out shAstra grantha-s in his book 'Hindu Dharma'.   
>Hari Hari Hari Bol!!! 

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