[Advaita-l] Shankara and Madhusudhana

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Rama and Krishna being kshatriyas, it is not a wonder that they ate the flesh of animals. It should be a wonder if they had not.
Sage Agastya is a Brahmin, but he did, for instance while dealing with the menace of Vataapi and his brother; they are also references of others sages having done so. If anything that might be discussed. The simple answer everybody ate the flesh of animals earlier. Nowadays many Brahmins and Vysyas do not, because the Dharma Saastras say so. Dharma changes from time to time, place to place, and situation to situation.
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>BTW, Bhagavan Ramachandra is also said to have eaten meat with Mother Sita 
>which has the reference
>in Ayodhya Kanda.
>praNAms Sri Sriram prabhuji
>Hare Krishna
>Yes, I too heard this.  And krishna though recommends patraM, pushpaM, 
>phalaM tOyaM for the worship, there were non-veg delicacies in his menu..I 
>am not saying this, this is the opinion of some krishna premi-s who are in 
>non-veggie camp:-))For that matter we cannot categorically conclude 
>anything about  food habits prevailing at ancient times though it is a 
>well known fact that very often non veggies bound to develop tAmasa guNa 
>and meat eating in adhyAtma sAdhana is not at all advisable. But fact 
>remains that meat or non-veg delicacies including beef were there in our 
>ancient Rishi-muni's menu card :-))  Below is the copy and paste reference 
>from vAdAvaLi list :
>Atharva Veda 9.6 Meat is distributed to the brahmanas 
>Satapatha Brahmana Cows and bulls are prohibited. At the same 
>time sage Yagnavalkya is said to eat the flesh of cows provided it is 
>Atharvavediya Kausika Grhya Sutra 12.8 One desiring harmony of minds 
>should eat calf meat mixed with some sour substance 
>Apart from the above we can find references from purANa-s & manu dharma 
>smruti with regard to practice of meat eating in brAhmaNa & kshatriya 
>kula, which obviously force us to put  Lord rAma & krishna also in 
>non-veggie camp :-)).  
>Just on the lighter note, so, those who are born in brAhmaNa kula & 
>hesitating to add meat in their menu now can do so with the support of 
>pramANa from our own shAstra-s, after all it is 'shAstra vAkya paripAlana' 
>Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
>ps :  sorry for the digression from vivekananda to meat eating...just 
>thought of sharing this.
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