[Advaita-l] What is 'aprAkRta' ?

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> श्रीगुरुभ्यो नमः
> So, if something is 'aprAkRta' does it mean that it is non-matter or
> non-material?  Going by the 'only' two tattvas as above, that which is
> 'apraakRta' has to be Chit or spirit.  If it is not matter/material, it has
> to be spirit.  If it is not either, then what is the 'substance' with which
> the body of Brahman/Ishwara/Vishnu made? We better take it as
> 'chinmayarUpam' if we want to ward off praakRta/pAnchabhautika rUpa and its
> consequences.  It is a vivarta of Brahman.

Here is a composition of Sri Purandara Dasa that brings out the material of
which the Lord's body is made of:

Venkatachala Nilayam Vaikunta Pura Vasam
Pankaja Netram Parama Pavitram
Shanka Chakra Dhara *Cinmaya Rupam*
Venkatacala Nilayam Vaikunta Pura Vasam ||

Read the entire lyrics and also hear the song here:


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