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Hare Krishna

The reality, however, is that Dvaita Mutts, through their top-ranking 
scholars, have been engaging with Advaita scholars, consistently. Advaita 
is their only, greatest, adversary. Their continuous endeavour is to get 
even better understanding of Advaita. 

>  Considering the hostile attitude of dvaitins towards advaita, I dont 
think these debates will be carried out with an intention of learning or 
better understanding of advaita.  If the intention is betterment of their 
advaita understanding, they would have not called advaita scholars for 
'open' debate in public. Instead, they would have approached some advaita 
Acharya for the traditional adhyayana of the same. And, if they feel that 
their understanding of advaita is inadequate and what they read about 
advaita in dvaita book needs further clarification, they dare not to 
'challenge' advaita publicly..But you see that is not the case here!!  The 
intention of the pontiff (who you have quoted y'day)was quite clear, who 
was just making fun out of advaita. 

The reason behind this is obviously that their attacks/refutations of 
Advaita right from their mUlAcharya's
times, have not had the desired effect and therefore not paid off. 

>  Yes, you are right.  Due to this reason only socalled scholars in 
dvaita tradition, tirelessly attack advaita whenever opportunity arises 
and call for public debates to score a point or two over advaita. 

Advaita continues to be the most popular Vedic philosophical system sought 
by an ever-growing following. 

>  Yes, Sri SSS observes in one of his works that more than 75% are 
advaitins among vedAntins. 

Advaitins, at the highest scholarly levels, have shown them in no 
uncertain terms that their objections are founded on an incorrect 
/inadequate understanding of Advaita.  It is this kind of responses one 
sees in the regularly held Dvaita-Advaita meets.  A keenly attentive 
audience consisting of young and old Dvaita scholars in such meets is 
testimony to the fact that Advaita needs to be understood better.  And it 
is the Dvaita institutions, by and large, that organize such meets.

> may be,  but the question is how far they are going to agree to these 
clarifications when their mUlAchArya & other stalwarts in dvaita tradition 
like jayateertha, vyAsateertha, rAghavendra mahaswamigal saying something 
else :-)) Do the current set of scholars from dvaita school objective in 
their approach & agree that their Acharya-s have misunderstood the advaita 
when attacking it & siddhanta needs to be revisited for the better 
understanding??  I dont think so. Most of the times hidden agenda behind 
these debates would be to defeat the advaita by any means.  And I do 
believe that the keenly attentive audience from the dvaita school too 
would eager to see the dvaita victory over advaita & dvaita's popularity. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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