[Advaita-l] Poor Parabrahman!

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> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> The Dvaitins might  hate the Advaitins as they could not understand
> Advaita but  the greatest Advaitin in Adi Sankara did not.
> >  For that matter dvaitins never admit that they have not understood
> advaita and making baseless claims:-))  They argue that advaita is a
> non-vedic theory which should be nipped in bud mercilessly:-))

The reality, however, is that Dvaita Mutts, through their top-ranking
scholars, have been engaging with Advaita scholars, consistently. Advaita is
their only, greatest, adversary. Their continuous endeavour is to get an
even better understanding of Advaita.  The reason behind this is obviously
that their attacks/refutations of Advaita right from their mUlAcharya's
times, have not had the desired effect and therefore not paid off.  Advaita
continues to be the most popular Vedic philosophical system sought by an
ever-growing following. Advaitins, at the highest scholarly levels, have
shown them in no uncertain terms that their objections are founded on an
incorrect /inadequate understanding of Advaita.  It is this kind of
responses one sees in the regularly held Dvaita-Advaita meets.  A keenly
attentive audience consisting of young and old Dvaita scholars in such meets
is testimony to the fact that Advaita needs to be understood better.  And it
is the Dvaita institutions, by and large, that organize such meets.


> He knew the level at which the Dvaita is to be appreciated. Did he not say
> "Bhakyartha kalpitam Dvaita Advaitadapi Sundaram"?
> >  We the advaitins donot have any problem in accepting dvaita bedha,
> bhakti, jeeveshvara bedha etc. at the transactional level where ahaMkAra
> mamakAra of individuals hold sway. But for this too, dvaitins would sing a
> different song :-))
> Let the Dvaitins enjoy the Bhalkti rasa and eventually the highest
> knowledge will dawn on them through the grace of the Lord and they will
> finally end up as Advaitins in their future births.
> >  This only shows the broad mindedness of advaitins & their dvaita mata
> sahishNute..But as per the proponents of dvaita, advaitins are miserably
> strayed from the shruti & vedavyAsa and since their siddhAnta is veda
> virOdha, anubhava virOdha, smruti virOdha, mOksha for them is an alien
> thing for ever :-))  Hence they never hesitate to  incessantly attack
> advaita vedAnta in all their works.  Their bhakti rasa should not lead
> them to this type of fanaticism & para mata dvesha... is it not??
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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