[Advaita-l] Poor Parabrahman!

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Dear friends,

Adi Sankarqacharya  must be very unhappy at seeing the turn of arguments. The Dvaitins might  hate the Advaitins as they could not understand Advaita but  the greatest Advaitin in Adi Sankara did not. He knew the level at which the Dvaita is to be appreciated. Did he not say "Bhakyartha kalpitam Dvaita Advaitadapi Sundaram"? Let the Dvaitins enjoy the Bhalkti rasa and eventually the highest knowledge will dawn on them through the grace of the Lord and they will finally end up as Advaitins in their future births.


Sunil KB

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The above remarks of the pontiff of Palimaru Mutt Sri Vidyamanya Tirtha 
founded on his ignorance of the shruti and smriti passages that form an
authority on the nature of Brahman:
The Madhvas quoted above,cannot digest their food without passing such comments on the Adwaita.They cannot establish either their "DwaitaSiddhanta"which:has another name"Charvaka Siddhanta"T.P Kailasam used to remark that their mutt is "Uta-ready mut".As Swami Chainmayanandaji remarked one needs more "Brain"than "Bran"to understand Adwaita.
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