[Advaita-l] Meaning of the verse.-A futher addition.

Srikanta Narayanaswami srikanta.narayanaswami at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 25 09:34:34 CDT 2011

अगाधजलसंचारी न गर्वं याति रोहितः ।
अण्गुष्ठोदकमात्रेण शफरी फर्फरायते ॥
 In coninuation of my explanation of the above verse,I would like to add the following observations.The Rohita here must necessarly mean a big fish like a Shark or "Timingila"in sanskrit which can easily traverse in the "agadha jala sanchari"which is a "samudra"which is infinitely wide and deep,we see that the movement of a "Timingila"cannot be easily seen,or a shark as we see in the movie"Deep"
But,a small fish which moves creating "Purpha",that is bubbles with some noise creat a sound.The fish "Shafhari"need not be brilliant which is against the purpot of the verse,moves even in toe-deep water,which may be reated by rainfall and stagnant water.Or in other wors,the summary is "Empty vessels make more noise",as some body  in the list endorsed .The verse is from "Chanakya Neeti".Only Chanakya can say such Subhasita Neeti.

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