[Advaita-l] Modern science and Vedanta

Srikanta Narayanaswami srikanta.narayanaswami at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 25 09:18:51 CDT 2011

Dear Sir,

What I meant should be clear to anyone who knows of the viewpoints of bhAmatI and
vivaraNa sub-schools on bimba-pratibimba vAda, avaccheda vAda, AbhAsa vAda, ekajIva
vs. nAna-jIva, dRshTi-sRshTi vs. sRshTi-dRshTi etc. These are multiple viewpoints within
the tradition of advaita vedAnta and none of them really compromises the brahmAtmaikya
teaching of the Upanishads. Which is not the case with the other systems that you mention. 
This should have been particularly clear to you, with a professed interest in the writings of
Sri Holenarsipur Swamiji, and his criticisms of some of these positions.

So, if your comment is more than a strawman argument on your part, and if you really did
mean to characterize the advaita siddhAnta the way you have done, so be it. 

Dear Sir
What I said with reference to the topic discussed that the Advaita allows many view points in the Advaita tradition.These view points you have mentioned pertains to the comparison of these views as tentative theories proposed by their theorists.It is possible to have a "Panoramaic view "of the advaita Vedanta as per the Upanishads,it is possible to have it.
Regarding your statement that I have a professed interest in the writings(I would like to correct you here),not his own writings,but his superb and lucid traslation in Kannada of  all the Shankara Bhashyas by HH SriSriSri Sachidanandendra Saraswathiji,of Holenarsipur which has v ery much helped me to understand clearly the Shankara Bhashyas,because I had my earlier education in Kannada.I claim with pride that except him no one,I
repeat no one in India has a parallel in the clear exposition of the Advaita vedanta followed by foot notes of his translations,to Sri Swamiji.

I would like to add that to have a more clear undestanding of Shankara Bhashyas,one has to read all the sources,
not only Bhamathi and Vivarana prasthanas, but even the Ishtasiddhi by Prakshatma yati.Irt is only then we can place the exact teaching of Brahmatmaikya of the Upanishads.
By the by,since You have mentioned Sri Holenarsipur Swamiji,I take this occasion to pay my humble  pranams to 
HHSriSriSri Sachidanandendra Saraswathiji on his Aradhana Mahotsava on 27th of this month,which has already commenced in Holenarsipur.I would like to end my mail with the sloka:
"Ajnanatimirandhasya jnananjana shalakhaya!
 Chakshurunmilitam Yena tasmai Gurave namah"!!

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