[Advaita-l] Poor Parabrahman!!

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Mon Jul 25 04:48:31 CDT 2011

The above remarks of the pontiff of Palimaru Mutt Sri Vidyamanya Tirtha 
founded on his ignorance of the shruti and smriti passages that form an
authority on the nature of Brahman:

Hare Krishna

It seems our dvaita bandhu-s have more 'chapala & utsAha' than advaitins 
to do 'vAda' on vedAnta siddhAnta.  Right from top most order (from 
madhvAchArya) to down the line (the pontiff mentioned above) all Acharya-s 
have made it a habit to attack advaita while propagating their 

 Anyway, shruti tells us about saguNa as well as nirguNa aspect of 
brahman.  satyaM, jnAnam anantaM, he is hiraNya rUpa and has beard etc. 
says shruti at one place but it also emphasizes at another place that 
brahman is adreshyaM, agrAhyaM, agOtraM, avarNaM, achakshushrotraM 
tadapANipAdaM (mundaka already quoted) and akAyaM, avraNaM, asnAviraM, 
shuddhaM, apApaviddhaM (IshAvAsya), astUlaM, anaNu, ahrasvaM, adeerghaM, 
alOhitaM,..aprANaM, amanaH, ashrOtraM (bruhadAraNyaka).  From these 
shruti-s it is quite clear that shruti is telling us that parabrahman   is 
absolute nirvishesha...But these quotes donot satisfy the dvaitins, they 
say it is true that brahman is earless, eyeless, bodyless etc.  But it has 
to be interpreted in such a way that brahman does not have 'prAkruta' 
(panchabhUtAtmaka) shareera but he has divine, everlasting aprAkruta 
shareera, so akAyam means devoid of prAkruta shareera but he indeed has 
aprAkruta shareera.  When I quoted sarvendriya vivarjita from geeta 13th 
chapter, dvaita bandhu-s there jumped on my neck and insisted that he is 
prAkruta indriya vivarjita but has a special set of aprAkruta shareera, 
indriya...But when I asked them whether it is applicable to avraNaM also?? 
Since brahman does not have any prAkruta wounds, he would be having 
aprAkruta vraNam then, likewise, astUla, anaNu, ahrasva, adeerghaM etc. 
also tobe interpreted in this manner and we have to say brahman is 
aprAkrutically stUla, aNu, deergha, hrasva etc. :-)) For this, there is no 
convincing answer from them, as usual, they tried to confuse me with some 
irrelevant quotes & clarifications. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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