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> //You will also observe that 'yasmin avasthA visheShe' is not corelated by
> 'tasmin avasthA visheShe' by madhusUdanaji and hence such objection will
> become untenable.//
> This is exactly MS's plus point.  He has commented for the verse in such a
> way which stays clear of the problem of the absence of the tat-shabda.  For
> him it is simply a state of mind that is congenial for the arising of the
> aparoksha anubhava.  So in his method there is no apekShA of a corresponding
> tat shabda.  That is the reason why he is faulting the other vyAkhyAna which
> evidently begs a tat shabda and which Anandagiri promptly supplies.

Here is one opinion of mine which, however, is subject to closer examination
by others here:

MS in that commentary has said this: यत्र यस्मिन्परिणामविेशेषे योगसेवया
योगाभ्यासपाटवेन जाते सति चित्तं निरुद्धं .....यत्र च यस्मिंश्च परिणामे सति

My point/observation is that when a सति-सप्तमी is used it comes out of the
type where a yatra is required to be followed by a tatra.  This is because
this type of a saptamI simply says about the fulfillment of a condition and
not of the type 'when...then'.  गृहे निर्मिते सति जनाः वासाय आगच्छन्ति ।

Maybe others will offer their comments on the above observation.

> Having said this, let me present another observation of mine:
> It is common knowledge that the Bh.Gita has a number of verses/ideas
> 'lifted' from the KathopaniShat.  Here is a couple of mantras from there
> which correspond to the set of verses of the Gita that we are considering:
> यदा पञ्चावतिष्ठन्ते ज्ञानानि मनसा सह ।
> बुद्धिश्च न विचेष्टते तामाहुः परमां गतिम् ॥(*Katha Upanishad*, 10th
> Mantra, Canto 6)

I thankfully realize that I need not have gone up to the K.Up. [किमर्थं
तावत्पर्यन्तं धावनम्?]  when as Sri Vidyasankar pointed out, there is the
6.18 verse in the BG itself talking of yadaa - tadaa.  I am reminded of a
verse in the Gaudapada kArikA 3.32:

आत्मसत्यानुबोधेन न संकल्पयते यदा ।
अमनस्तां तदा याति ग्राह्याभावे तदग्रहम् ॥

Here too Shankara has commented: यदा यस्मिन्काले तदा तस्मिन्काले




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