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> > And closes his commentary with this observation:
> >
> > यत्र काल इति तु व्याख्यानमसाधु तच्छब्दानन्वयात् ।
> > This is evidently a critical commentary on Shankara's explanation of the
> > word yatra.  The objection is: since Shankara takes the yatra to mean a
> time
> > specification, there is a requirement, AkAnkShA, for a 'tatra' तस्मिन्
> > काले.  This is the meaning I get from the objecting comment.
> >
> Hari Om Shri Subrahmanianji, Pranaams!
> When madhusUdanaji says 'tat shabda ananvayAt'; why 'tat' is changed to
> 'tatra' in your prediction.
> The objection of MS is for the missing 'tasmin kAle' or simply 'tatra' in
the verse.  It is only now I am seeing the Anandagiri's gloss for 6.20 where
he concludes saying: तस्मिन्काले योगसिद्धिर्भवतीति शेषः [during that time
the consummation of Yoga takes place.  This is to be included (in the
verse/Shankara's commentary.)

> madhusUdanaji uses two 'yatra' while explaining succeeding verse. 1. yatra
> -(yasmin avastha-visheShe) - Atyantikam....... 2. yatra ca sthitaH ayaM
> vidvAn.... Where is the second yatra in the verse sukham Atyantikam yat tat
> ...... How does madhusUdanaji explains the words 'yat' and 'tat' of verse
> 21.

I think MS takes the twin words 'yat-tat' in verse 21 as simply 'yatra'.
सुखमात्यन्तिकं यत्र बुद्धिग्राह्यमतीन्द्रियम्. Or he does not feel the need
to comment upon yat-tat.  At least this is how it appears to me now.  The
first use of 'yatra' is that way accounted for.  The second use 'yatra cha',
of course is there in the verse itself.

More analysis is welcome.


> In Shri Guru Smriti,
> Br. Pranipata Chaitanya
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