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Srikanta Narayanaswami srikanta.narayanaswami at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 21 01:41:59 CDT 2011

That said, if you think that I, or "traditional" advaitins in general, value
the writings of
MS any less, just because he may have differed in some particulars from
bhagavatpAda, you are quite mistaken. Within the advaita tradition, there is
vast room
for articulation of multiple viewpoints. As you seem to have understood,
yes, these
sometimes arise from variant allowable readings of a text within one
tradition. It can
also arise from differing historical contexts, different personal
backgrounds of the
authors concerned, different audiences being addressed in a given
commentary, etc.
In my opinion, this is a major strength, not at all a weakness, of the
advaita vedAnta
tradition. The strong agreement is on the fundamentals, while the variations
are on
particularities and incidentals. To note the variant incidentals and to
acknowledge them
as such is not at all a negative evaluation of anything or anybody
If there is vast room for articulation of multiple view points in Adwaita,then the siddhanta would be like a "beggar's vomit".Then all of them can be accepted,Vishistadwaita,Bhedabheda vada,etc.can also be accepted within the Adwaita tradition which is clearly absurd.

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