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> Dear Sarma Garu,
> //////
> But Sankara's birth is later to vedas therefore we
> cannot expect a reference to him in the vedas either covertly or overtly.
> Such things are like Bacon's signatures in Shakespeare's dramas.
> ////
> Yes.  I agree with you.  Though these are extrapolations, but indicate
> their devotion towards their acharya.

Madhvas also claim such 'mentions' in the Veda about their Acharya.  I do
not know if Ramanuja's name is also there.


> Even in the rudra bhAshya, you will find one such instance for the mantra
> "vyuptakEshAya cha".  Though the vyuptakEsha indicate one with shaven head,
> Abhinava Sankara interprets this as a pointer towards Sankara Bhagavatpada.
> regs,
> sriram

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