[Advaita-l] Shankara and Madhusudhana

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Sadara pranAmam,
Swami Vivekananda was of opinion that bhagavatpada has
twisted the interpretation of BG mantras which  promoted
bhakthi in adwaticview.This apparent defct has been successfully
countered by Madhusudanasarawathi.This is what I could understand
from the study of both the bhashyas.

On Tue, Jul 19, 2011 at 5:48 PM, Srikanta Narayanaswami <
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> Dear Sri Srikanta,
> I saw a post from you that Madhusudana differs from Sankara but could not
> trace your mail - hence unable to quote it. You were referring to Advaita
> Siddhi without specific references where you allege that Madhusudana
> differs
> from Sankara. Scholars come up with such views and it is unforuntately
> posted by Sri Vidyasankar also on his site also. As far as I have seen,
> true
> to his word, he has exposited on the commentary of Sankara throwing light
> on
> the meanings inherent in the works of the acharya. The apparent
> contradictions are either different readings admissibile within the
> tradition or a misreading by the scholars. Madhusudana, who is revered as a
> jivan mukta by his disciple, considers himself to be like gunja and Sankara
> to be like gold - incomparable. Of course, the gold, that is Madhusudana,
> can be tested for his loyalty to his tradition.
> Why dont you please post with specific references why you say Madhusudana
> differs from Sankara?
> Best Regards
> Rajaram Venkataramani
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> Mr.Rajaram Venkataramani
> With reference to your above Email,I should ask you whether you have
> studied Shankara Bhashya on the BG along with Madhusudhana Saraswathi's
> Gudartha deepika along with Adwaita Siddhi.I want that you must read them
> carefully.I can quote from Adwaita Siddhi ,and Gudartha Deepika where he
> differs from Shankara.Infact,after Madhusudhana's time this created a furore
> in the scholarly circles.It took some time to set it right.But,it will take
> more space here.If it is OK then I can send them after some time.
> N.Srikanta.
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