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> Namaste,
> I don’t understand what is the problem here with jnAna & bhakti.
> We are unnecessarily dragging the issue by engaging in
> vAda & prativAda.
> Mahayogi Gorakhnath in Siddhasiddhanta Paddhati says :
> vEdAnti bahutarkakarkashamatirgrastaH paraM mAyayA
> bhATTAH karmakalAkulA hatadhiyO dvaitEna vaisheshikAH //
> The vedantis with their intellect engage is great debates (vAda-prativAda
> with
> tarka) and get "entangled" in shabda-jAla. But they don't understand that
> by
> engaging in tarka vAda, they are slowly falling into the trap of mAyA. How
> funny it is that "they deny the existence of mAyA" but get entangled into
> it's
> mysterious trap.
RV: Maya is not non-existent. It is sad-asad lakshana.

> All the great advaitins like Suka Brahman (who propagated bhAgavata
> dharma),
> Lila Shuka (author of Krishna Karnamritam), Narayana Bhattatri,
> Bhagavannama
> Bodhendra Saraswati, Sridhara Ayyaval etc. were also great devotees.
> Kanchi Mahaperiyaval & Chandrasekhara Bharati of Sringeri worshipped
> Sriyantra
> daily.  All these great scholars were advaitins and their bhakti towards
> their
> iShTa dEvata was never an obstruction for them in pursuance of jnAna mArga
> and
> they never considered bhakti as a inferiour to jnAna.

RV: Agreed but some academic scholars and vaishnava scholars argue that all
devotees in Sankara sampradaya were post Ramanuja! I am researching in to
pre-Ramanuja position on bhakti in advaita tradition and would like to hear
from you.

> Shri Abhinava Vidya Tirtha Swamigal once mentioned about the the
> characteristics of
> pseudo-vedantin and urged His devotees to keep away from such people.
> The highest pinnacle of bhakti is atma-nivedana where the bhakta & devata
> merge into one.
RV: Agreed. On atma nivedhana one because brahman itself. Will you say that
brahman is ajnanam? What about bhakti - it is sublated on realizing brahman?
Pl. show me reference to sublation of bhakti and Isvara.
// yamasya karuNA nAsti / kartavyaM hari kIrtanaM //

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