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Ithink it is something about being proud of without reason.ShapharI swims in 
a small pond  of depth just a thumb length whereas rohitaH swims in a vast 
water source like a lake.RohitaH does not feel puffed up. One need not feel 
proud of his placement attained by birth or nature.R.Krishnamoorthy
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> Namaste.
> Could anyone explain the meaning of this verse and also the source, if 
> any?
> अगाधजलसंचारी न गर्वं याति रोहितः ।
> अण्गुष्ठोदकमात्रेण शफरी फर्फरायते ॥
> rohitaH and shapharI refer to (types of) fish.
> Regards,
> subrahmanian.v
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