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> The ‘glories’ of mAyA are depicted in a four-fold manner :
> http://atma.sulekha.com/blog/post/2009/11/four-glories-of-maya-a-study-of-a-rg-vedic-mantra.htm
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The URL given above does not seem to work.  I am giving a tinyURL which
could be used:


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>> >So, I would like to hear your opinions about whether the vedAnta roots
>> are able to be found in the RV or not, and in what measure we could be
>> certain of that?
>> A central concept in Advaita Vedanta is that of Maya, so much so that
>> Advaita Vedanta has been called Mayavada by many. Only by understanding
>> the
>> concept of Maya is it possible to have a good grasp of Advaita philosophy.
>> The word Maya in its simple or compound forms has been used in some 75
>> hymns
>> of the Rg Veda. It is useful to make a study of these forms, using
>> Sayana's
>> commentary as a guide. After the study of these Rg Vedic hymns, it is
>> possible to interpret Maya as a mysterious power or deception. Two other
>> hymns are to be studied, with Sayana's commentary, by those interested in
>> finding Vedantic ideas in the Rg Veda. These are the Purusha Sukta (X.90)
>> and the Nasadiya Sukta (X.129). I have briefly discussed the Nasadiya
>> sukta
>> earlier on this list:
>> http://www.advaita-vedanta.org/archives/advaita-l/2010-March/024123.html
>> Anand

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