[Advaita-l] Modern science and Vedanta

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Thu Jul 14 08:13:28 CDT 2011

When everything ends with Jnana,where is the question of Bhakthi which 
means separation or Dvaita Bhava?

praNAms Sri Srikanta prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Yes, you are right when everything ends in Atmaikatva  jnAna there is no 
room to think about dvaita bhakti which makes clear difference between 
bhakta & bhagavanta.  But in advaita the term bhakti has been used little 
bit differently.  If you see the geeta bhAshya shankara clearly says 
teshAm jnAni nitya yuktaH, eka bhaktiH vishishyate.  Here there is no 
dvaita bhakti, there is absolutely no difference between bhakta & 
bhagavanta...he is 'nitya yukta'.  tattva vitvAt nitya yuktaH bhavati, 
ekabhaktishcha anyasya bhajaneeyasya adarshanAt ataH saH ekabhaktiH 
vishishyate..shankara clarifies further in that bhAshya.  This is called 
parAbhakti wherein there is no difference between kshetrajna and Ishwara 
bheda, and this is what is called highest bhakti in the 18th chapter of 
geeta bhAshya. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
Dear Bhaskerji
Ine the Bhagawadgita,the "sthitaprajnasya lakshanani"comes first.It is followed by Karma Yoga where in the Lord states that there are two paths.Karma Yoga and Jnanayoga.The Karma yoga after being exhausted must be followed by Jnana marga.Thie is proved in the Upanishads,Brahmasutra and Bhagawadgita.Here,Bhakthi doesnot mean the Dvaita Bhakthi.Here the term Bhakthi means to strive for the Jnana.quoting from the Upanishads:
"Yena atmaiva vrunute".-One who is yearned by him.This doesnot mean that there is a viamedia in Jnanamarga.Shankara's commentary also clarifies this.He defines Bhakthi as "Taila dharawatH",just as an intermittent flow of Taila.We ordinarily understand Bhakthi in the general sense as it is being followed by Modern Gurus who have an hotchpotch mixture of Bhakthi and Vedanta.The "Naikarmya siddhi"of Sureshwaracharya also eliminates this doubt of samuccaya.There is no term as parabhakthi as you have stated.Then we will be following Ramanuja's vishistadvaita where he allows different stages.


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