[Advaita-l] additional doubts!!

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 14 00:02:09 CDT 2011

You already have some of the answers. As for the word God, it comes loaded(the 
actual word is okay as it has pre christian origin) with some ugly Christian 
baggage in our times and hence the request to not use it. I was not firing you 
or anybody else, but just that God fellow :-)) 

The request to use the actual sanskrit word is because, there is no proper 
translation of the same. But it is always a good thing to use our own words for 
such subtle concepts/nuances, is it not?

>Even this is possible, I dont think there is any accommodation available for 
>>this type of jnAni-s in traditional abode.

A traditional person will probably never accomodate. They might question 
whatever his GYAna is, it is not certainly not brahma GYAna as described in 

I liked this post 

But people can only infer that he might have jnAna based on other observations 
which are normally associated with such a jnAni. It is possible that a few who 
are on the way might acquire some of these good qualities mentioned but not yet 
"have jnAna"(I am aware a whole big discussion can be started on what this means 
but let us not get into that now). This is probably why no one can be so sure 
except for the one who is a jnAni himself.

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