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Dear friends,

This was my response to a mail in another group. Any comment?


Sunil KB

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Dear Jay Nalamangalaji,

Nobody said Madhacharya did not get anything but one should think is that what did he get? If Madhacharya would have understood the  Vedic literature properly he should have known that in the beginning the Brahman was alone and there were no eternal jivas of Madhvacharya at that time. The Brahman  wanted to become many means that he wanted to manifest in different forms and that does not mean that Brahman has lost control over himself and that he cannot assume his original state. It required the higher capacity of Adi Sankaracharya to understand the higher knowledge. Ramakrishna Paramhansa said that all the three of them, ie.Madhvacharya, Ramanujacharya and Adi Sankaracharya, are correct but they apprehended the truth at different levels. One verse attributed to Hanuman appropriately describes the situation. Hanuman said to Lord Ram " dehabuddhyaa tu daaso'ham jeevabuddhyaa tvada.nshakah  |  Aatmabuddhyaa tvamevaaham iti me nishchitaa matih || This
 describes the situation of dvaita, Vishishtadvaita and Advaita. 

In order not to confuse his followers with the Advaita ideas Madhavacharaya selected only  a small part of the Bhagavata with the Dvaita ideas and omitted the major portions of it containing the Advaita ideas in his Bhagavata tatparya. It is a pity that nobody dared to ask madhacharya as to why he was omitting the Advaita -rich portions.There are several instances where he selectively quoted the Dvaita references only.



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