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On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 15:52, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:

> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> After reading bhakti's role in advaita vedAnta, I am getting some
> additional doubts with regard to 'required tools' or qualifications  to
> obtain paramArtha jnAna.
> (a) is advaita paramArtha  jnAna happens only to Astika-s (theists) who
> have firm belief in god & scriptures??

If scriptures = veda, then yes.

> (b) how can a non-hindu or atheist (nAstika) or any 'outsider', who does
> not want to believe in god & scriptures, but would like to get this jnAna
> (without the aid of shAstra & bhagavanta or outside the traditional
> circle) ??  dont we have any jnAni-s outside hindu Astika saMpradAya ??

There is no way.
If Astika = follower of veda, then their were no GYAnIs out of it.

> (c) prior to jnAna, is it mandatory requirement for the advaita sAdhaka to
> believe in god's existence & to have unconditional faith in sacred hindu
> scriptures or whether he has to  be a hard core theist ??

Same as 'a'.

> (d) if the (c) is an indispensable requirement for the jnAna  then advaita
> jnAna realization would be restricted ONLY to the sAdhaka-s in hindu
> religion in general and theists in particular.  In that case advaita jnAna
> has the limited boundaries in hindu god & scriptures.


> (e) if the (c) is not a necessary requirement then we cannot say
> shravaNAdi sAdhana are the only  direct means for realization..And further
> this would prompt us to say, anybody, at any point of time through any
> means can get this realization..this stand  goes against the convictions
> held by sampradAyavit-s.


> (f) finally, can a person be a non-dual jnAni but still a nAstika??

non-duality according to vedAnta is not possible in a person opposed to it.

These are standpoints of sampradAyavits, as you yourself hinted.

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