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As I said, please show me one verse which hails jnani transcends
bhakti (it  does not need dvaita bhava). In The person who realizes
vasudevam sarvam iti is classified as a bhakta only. Pl. see Ch 7 and

I'm happy to be corrected if you can show that bhakti is transcended
on the rise of jnana.

On 12/07/2011, Srikanta Narayanaswami <srikanta.narayanaswami at yahoo.com> wrote:
> BG as far as I know only hails a bhakta who is a jnani. Can you pl.
> show me where it hails a jnani who is not a bhakta?
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> There are various verses which stresses Jnana.The crux of the matter is who
> is Jnani?Is he who says,"Vasudevah sarva miti"which is clearly means a Jnani
> and not a Bhaktha.Infact,there is no stanza which says both Jnana and
> Bhakthi is necessary for Advaita Jnana.The 2 nd chapter on
> "Sthitaprajna"clearly is Advaita para.otherwise why it should it immediately
> follow the Ist?The BG contains many chapters on
> Karma,Sankhya,Kshetra-Kshetrajna,Rajayoga,etc.But,these are
> incidental(prasangika).When everything ends with Jnana,where is the question
> of Bhakthi which means separation or Dvaita Bhava?
> N.Srikanta.
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