[Advaita-l] Question on Shayana Ekadashi

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Sorry, Satish, for the outburst the other day.

*ravi chandrasekhara* wrote:

>In CST in Dallas, Tx. Ekadashi tithi begins minutes after sunrise (as per Drik method not sunrise as per newspaper) on Sun Jul 10, 2011 and ends before sunrise on Mon June 11, 2011.

>When should upavasa vrata for Smartha Ekadashi be observed ?

Please see for a detailed discussion:


In this case, the dashamI ends after sunrise on the 10th, the ekAdashI
before sunrise on the 11th *and* (this is important for smArta ekAdashI) the
dvAdashI ends before sunrise on the 12th.  The smArta method places emphasis
on breaking the fast on the dvAdashI. Since the dvAdashI ends before sunrise
on the 12th, the pAraNA, breaking of the fast has to be on the 11th. From
this, it follows that the ekAdashI fast is on the 10th, even though the
ekAdashI on the 10th is dasamIviddhA, mixed with the dashamI. There is a
Rishyashringa statement quoted in the nirNayasindhu:

पारणाहे न लभ्येत द्वादशी कलयापि चेत् ।
तदानीं दशमीविद्धाप्युपोष्यैकादशी तिथिः ॥

On the day of pAraNA (breaking the ekAdashI fast on the next day), if
the dvAdashI
does not prevail for even a kalA (1/30th of a ghaTikA) (after
sunrise), then one should
fast on the viddhA ekAdashI tithi.

Note: Vaishnavas in your area should observe the ekAdashI on the 11th and
break the fast on the 12th.


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