[Advaita-l] AtharvaNa tumburu sUkta prayogaM

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Thanks for bringing-up Tumburu suukta prayoga.

This is another example where practical applications are hidden in the 
traditional use (prayoga).  This often comes as "viniyoga", but for some
 reason has been kept secret by many tantra practitioners.

Tumburu is also known as "Toothache Tree" (Latin name - Xanthoxylum 
alatum) is useful for toothache, bleeding gums and sensitive teeth.

Active principle is based on barberine, an alkaloid which has anti-microbial properties.  This is commonly used for many skin diseases to prevent sepsis on the open wound.  "Ghee" comes in handy to reduce the direct burn and cause irritation to the open sore. 

Incidentally, American Indians use Oregon grapes paste (this also contains Barberine alkaloid) as a ritual for girls in their puberty ceremony.  Some recent studies have shown it to be useful for chronic acne.

Drumstick is a blood purifier, that also reduces platelet aggregation, just like "Plavix", which is so heavily advertised by the Pharma industry to prevent a second heart attack.  Water extract from bark is often used when Drumsticks are not available.  This has additional benefits, as iut contains "Tannins" that improves bile acid secretion, necessary for the digestion of fat.  For diabetic population this this lowers their triglycerides.

Our ancestors, traditional tantric and sampradaayika practitionars have beautifully knitted the fabric for the benefit of saadhaka (aspirants) and society at large.  This is for the "Mkosha - Here & Now"

IMO - This is a good example where one needs to become "ONE" with the knowledge (existing knowledge) for liberation.  Become "a-dvaya" with the knowledge and the "real spirituality" of our vedic heritage.  Academic chanting "suukta" has never and will ever help anyone.

My apologies if this is beyond the scope of this list.

If you or anyone on this list has has more example of "Viniyoga" or prayoga for any vedic suukta please contact me off list.

Thank you and regards,

Dr. Yadu

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During prayoga one first recites the vAmadeva mantra from the pa~nchabrahma 
series. Then he installs the fire on the sthaNDila as per the tradition of the 
atharvan-s. There after reciting the tumburu sUkta make oblations of drumstick 
and tumburu saMidh-s dipped in ghee.
Then he makes the four bhaginI yAja-s of ghee with AV-P 20.21.6:
udojiShThAM sahasyAM jayantIm aparAjitAm |
lakShmIr yAH puNyAH kalyANIs tA asyai savitaH suva ||
Then he stands under the tumburu tree and offers tarpaNA-s to tumburu with the 
above sUkta and the bhaginI-s with the above mantra (x 4).He may then prepare 
the secret tumburu drugs.

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