[Advaita-l] 'nyAya' and 'tarka'

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Shree Siva Senani - PraNAms
Thanks, you have provided a beautiful summary. For those who are interested in Navya Nyaaya:
There are VCD of the lectures by Prof. J.N. Jha available at Chinmaya International foundation which I found excellent in understanding Navya Nyaaya.One can order them on line. I was glued to the lectures - there are 20 VCDs running one and half hours each. 
Pertinent to Vedanta, I have referred to some aspects of this in:
I agree with the assessment of Shree Siva Senani. 

Hari Om!
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The way you used the word, "tarka", any reasonable person would take it to mean nyAya as a whole, but Sri Rajaram Venkataramani chose to make fun by invoking vitaNDa (destructive criticism), jalpa (sophistry, arguing) etc. thereby referring to tarka as one of the 16 padArthas of nyAya.

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