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> I remember that we have, in this very list, discussed same subject, (4-5
> years back I think !!)
There is a method of diksha given by guru to sishya and that process is called
"mahAvEdha" also called "vEdha dIksha".  vEdha implies penetration. 
This is a diksha vidhAna where the guru with certain amnAya mantras, makes the
kuNDalini raise in the sishyA's body from mUlAdhAra chakra, svAdhiShTAna chakra and places it in maNipUra.  As soon as the kuNDalini is placed in maNipUra, the guru asks the sishya to raise it immediately and place at anAhaTa.  Guru instructs the siShya 
to worship the chitkala in anAhata for a few seconds and pierces the rudra granthi thereby
merges the kuNDalini with para-siva in sahasrAra.  When the kuNDalini achieves the
union with para-siva, sucha a yOgi is said to be a jivanmukta.  
Now, for srividya upAsakAs belonging to samayAchAra mode, the 2 chakras are skipped
that doesn't receive the pUja because mUlAdhAra & svAdhiShTAna chakras are called 
"andhaka nagarAs" or "tAmasika chakrAs" as they incite "base emotions".  
Too much concentation on mUlAdhara releases kAma vAsana and concentration on 
svAdhiShTana paves for vIrya skhalana.   
That is why Acharya Gaudapada in his work "shubhagodaya stutiH" (vide reference 44th sloka), says that the the lower 2 chakras should be omitted by srividya upAsakas belonging to dakShiNAchAra as the these 2 chakras find special mention for kaulAchArIs 
thereby refutes the kaula mArga & vAmAchAra.  
Now, it is interesting to note that the mUlAdhAra chakra has 4 petals that are
guarded by 4 mAtrikAs (vaM, shaM, ShaM, saM) and are controlled by 
vinAyaka.  The svAdhiShTana is controlled by 6 mAtrikAs (baM, bhaM, maM,
yaM, raM, laM).  The maNipUra is controlled by 10 mAtrikAs (DaM, DhaM, NaM,
taM, thaM, daM, naM, paM, phaM).  
So, the mAtrikAs of mUlAdhAra are 4; and that of svAdhiShTana & maNipUra become 16.
Alongwith them is the vinAyaka.  
So, sankara who was a propagator of dakshinAchAra & samayachAra, is probably hinting
us not to worship the tAmasika chakras from mUlAdhAra to svAdhiShTana that incite base emotions & passions.  Even the acharyas of sringeri parampara who practice
yOgAbhyAsa, doesn't give much importance to lower chakras and the kuNDalini 
prabOdhana from lower 2 chakras are done by their acharyas through mahAvEdha.
This is the siShTAchAra among yOgIs of samayAchAra.

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