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Namaste Sri Vidyasankarji,

Thank you indeed, for putting up this link.  Swami Sri Swaroopananda
Saraswatiji, the current Shankaracharya of Dwaraka and Jyotishpeeth,
has now initiated a total of 5 sannyasis.  

Swami Sri Swaroopanandaji remains very active in spreading the message
of Adi Sankara amongst His given realm, and upholding Sanatana Dharma.
Apart from Chaturmas and a few other periods of the year, He travels
intensely in remote rural areas, helping the poorer people, and never
staying longer than three days.  

The Dwaraka and Jyotish peeths do not have as large a public profile
as Sringeri, and hence, news about what goes on is not so readily
available.   So, we appreciate your posting of this item to the
Advaita List.



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The following link may be of interest to some list members:
G D Agrawal, who has been in the forefront of the ongoing effort to
clean up the rivers Ganga and Yamuna in India, has formally adopted
Sannyasa in the Advaita tradition. For more information on the person,
please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G._D._Agrawal.
I hope the news item provides food for thought, with respect to some
recent threads of discussion on our list.
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