[Advaita-l] sapta-mAtR^ika-s in ShAnkara GItA BhAShyam

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One prays to the Saptamatrikas for protection of children from diseases. That may be the reason for considering that the spiritual aspirants or Sanyashis may not need to propitiate them.

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> "yajante pUjayanti sAttvikAH sattvaniShThAH devAn, yakSha rakShAMsi rAjasAH,
> pretAn bhUtagaNAMshcha *saptamAtR^ikAdIMshcha* anye yajante tAmasAH janAH"
> The sAttvika janAH worship of-course the devata-s, those of rAjasic nature the next set of semi divine beings i.e. yakSha-s along with the rakSha-s, the third i.e. those of tAmasik nature worship the preta-s, bhUta-s and the sapta mAtR^ika-s.
> Notice clearly what AchArya is saying: Those with sAttvik nature worship the devata-s meaning the deva-s are not worshipped with preference by the other two classes. Notice the gradation here deva-s, yakSha-s & rakSha-s, pretas, bhUta-s & sapta-mAtR^ika-s.. So AchArya is basically clubbing brAhmI, vaiShNavI, etc with preta-s, bhUtagaNa-s i.e. or in other words he is saying they are not deva-s, neither do they belong to type of yakSha-s, rakSha-s but even lower than them.
> Keep in mind this distinction: The statements are not talking about sAttvika, rAjasa, tAmasa worship of devata-s. It is clearly saying those with rAjasic nature worship yakSha, rakSha-s so on so forth.

But look at the next shloka:

ashAstravihitaM ghoraM tapyante ye tapo janAH |
dambhAhaMkArasaMyuktAH kAmarAgabalAnvitAH || 5 ||

"Those people who practice terrible practices contrary to the shastras because of hypocrisy and ego are filled with the power of lust and passion."

Shankaracharya explains "terrible practices" as:

ghoraM pIDAkaraM prANinAm AtmanaH cha tapaH

"terrible - causing suffering to animals and oneself - practices"

Although it is not explicitly said it seems what is the issue here is not the nature of the matR^ikas themselves but that they are worshipped with non-vegetarian sacrifices and contrary to Vedic methods.  In the digvijayas also we have stories of Shankaracharya "pacifying" a devi not by abolishing Her worship but by replacing animal sacrifices with vegetarian ones.

As today smArtas worship the saptamAtR^ikas in a sattvika way, there is no contradiction with the Acharyas prescriptions.

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