[Advaita-l] 'VinAyaka' in ShAnkara GItA BhAShyam

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Tue Jul 5 06:11:19 CDT 2011

praNAms Sri Rajaram prabhuji
Hare Krishna

I dont know I may get a 'bang' from moderators for sending mails like this 

if we just go by your wordings. All can be
seen as forms of Brahman including the rivers, trees, mountains etc. 

>  yes, there can exist nothing from THAT..that is the reason why shruti 
says sarvaM khalvidaM brahma. 

But there are prakrta and aprakrta forms. Prakrta forms are created using
material elements and hence have sattva, rajas and tamas. They are effects
of maya and limited by space and time. But aprakrta forms are not made of
pancha bhutas (incl. space). They are mayika (visuddha satttva) and hence
transcendental to time and space! They neither conceal (tamas) not
erroneously project (rajas) but reveal (sattva) the bliss of brahman. 

>  from the siddhAnta drushti brahman is triguNAteeta, nirvikAri, 
nirvishesha & secondless truth.  Therefore, even if you see the 
temporarily existing snake, ultimately you would realize that 'the 
existence' of snake is ONLY because of 'rope'.  We cannot attribute any 
'separate' kAraNa to 'anything' apart from THAT. 

So, one should worship the forms that are sattvika.

>  you are right from the transactional view point prabhuji. 

Regarding hierarchy, it is assumed for the purpose of upasana.

>  IMO, upAsana, dhyAna, archanAdi sAdhana meant for mental purification 
mind should not engage in mundane activity like grading one deity over 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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