[Advaita-l] Jnana and ajnana (Bhakti vs. Jnana)

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What Sri Subrahmanian is saying is called nir-vikalpaka-j~nAna (without details) and sa-vikalpaka-j~nAna (with details like Dittho'yam - this is Ditthah; brAhmaNo'yam - this is a brAhmaNa; gauro'yam - this man is fair). This terminology is met with in all the shaDdarSanas.
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>There is a Panchadashi verse where Vidyaranya gives an example for the
>phenomenon of 'knowledge and ignorance co-existing':
>अध्येतृवर्गमध्यस्थपुत्राध्ययनशब्दवत् ।
>*भानेऽप्यभानं* भानस्य प्रतिबन्धेन युज्यते ॥१२॥ (प्रयक्तत्त्वविवेकः)
>A father has left his boy in a gurukula.  He comes on a visit to the place.
>From a distance he is able to hear the boys there chanting the veda.  He is
>aware that his boy too is in the group; yet he is not able to discern his
>boy's voice from the group's chanting sound.  The authoritative commentary
>of Sri Ramakrishna concludes: भानेऽप्यभानम् -  *सामान्यतः* प्रतीतावपि *
>विशेषाकारेणा*प्रतीतिर्युज्यते उपपद्यते इत्यर्थ: ।  One can see the close
>similarity between the Shankara bhashya passage and the above

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