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Thank you all for the profound insights.

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> Namaskaram,
> I was having a conversation about Dhyanam and then I realized that
> "Dhyanam"
> and "Nishtai" are commonly used in Tamil. I would like someone to clarify
> the difference between the two.
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> Dhyana is a mode of meditating with one pointed mind on a "Ishta devata"or
> concentrating on a 'mantram".The Mantram can be spelled with sound syllables
> or it can be manasika mantram.In Dhyana one can be aware of his
> surroundings.
> But, in Nishtai,one becomes totally absorbed in his mind without awaring of
> his external surroundings.There is no "vikara'of his mind.The higher state
> of 'Nishtai"can lead to "savikalpa"Nishtai,much higher than this is the
> 'Nirvikalpa"Nishtai,which only Yogis can attain.
> Regards,
> N.Srikanta.
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