[Advaita-l] Modern science and Vedanta (meaning of the word 'vinAyaka)

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>There are certain temples in Andhra that were constructed by Badami Chalukyas 
>the vinAyaka is seen alongwith sapta mAtrikAs and sometimes alongwith 
>This can be seen in Alampur Jogulamba Temple which is in Kurnool District of AP 
>which is the 5th sakti >pitha. 

Thanks for bringing this to notice. In older panels, instead of vIrabhadra one 
sees vINAdhara shiva.

After at a later point the vINAdhara shiva is replaced by virabhadra. Such 
panels can be found in both the shiva and viShNu temples.

>Now, the references of vinAyaka, saptamAtrikAs & chaturbaginis are traced back 
>to a lost
>tantra which is tamasic in nature called "vINAshikha tantra" 

Not entirely lost. Portions of this text survive and was published. This text is 
one of the texts of the shaiva vAmasrotas and perhaps the only survivor. However 
we are also informed that the worship of these devata-s can be either in 
dakShiNAchAra or vAmAchAra mode. Many brAhmaNa-s in the past practiced rites 
from these texts. So there is no rule saying these set of devata-a are 
worshipped only through vAmAchara. They can be worshipped in normal sAttvic way. 
This is why you find mention of these devata-s in shAradA-tilaka and you will 
observe that no vAmAchAra is involved there in their worship.

>where vinAyaka
>is projected as having negative character who creates obstacles to the upAsaka.

vighnAya namaH vighnarajAya namaH.. all these are names of gaNapati just like 
there are rudra-s who might harm those who act contrary to dharma and likewise 
the benign rudra-s who do not harm and give great things to those who propitiate 

> There 
>is a prayoga in this tantra that is deployed to counter the attack of vinAyaka, 
>sapta mAtrikAs and chatur >bhaginis.  

 In some mAlA mantra-s you will find pada-s which say destroy such & such 
vaiShNava graha, such vinAyaka graha, or some other bhairava graha etc . What 
that means is that the kind of graha sent by the attacker.. The counter attack 
is intended for the one deploying the hostile ritual and not to the devata.
>Now, the bAhya upAsana is of 2 types depending upon the varNa ashrama a) 
>b) tAntrika.  
>The vaidika upAsana is for trai-varNikAs (brAhmaNa, kShatriya, vaishya) and the
>tAntrika upAsana is for shUdrAs.  

Yeah in theory

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