[Advaita-l] Jnana and ajnana (Bhakti vs. Jnana)

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PraNAms - 
Subbuji has provided the requisite explanation. Just to add, Shankara discusses this aspect in the adhyaasa Bhaashya itself. Error occurs only when there is a partial knowledge but not complete knowledge. No error is committed when I can see rope clearly. No error also when I do not see any object there. Error arises only when I have partial attributive knowledge like 5ft long, soft when I stepped on it and lying on the alley, etc but not complete knowledge that it is rope. satyaanRita mithuniikaraNam adhyaasam - or atasmin tat buddhiH - implies partial understanding but not complete understanding - cause for the error. In the case of I am - I know I am existing and I know I am conscious entity - sat and chit aspects - but do not know that I am Brahman or puurnatvam aspect or ananda aspect. Hence I am not looking for existence or consciousness but always for happiness in all my pursuits - pravRitti or nivRitti. Because I exist and conscious only Vedas
 come to my rescue to teach me that I am that - what I am looking for in all my pursuits - the puurnatvam. 
jnaani, ajnaani, jiiva, jagat, paramaatma all are in the realm of vyavahaara only. From the point of paaramaarthika - no words can describe it - yathovaacho nivartante apraapya manasaa saha. 

Just my 2c.
Hari Om!

> > RV: Let me see if you understand what is Avidya with a
> basic question. As
> > ajnana is always with respect to an object, jnana of
> the object of ajnana is
> > a pre-requisite for ajnana. So, how can ajnana arise
> at all in the face of
> > jnana with respect to the same object? If ajnana does
> not exist, then there
> > is no question of jnana arising with respect to that
> object. Pl. let me know
> > the advaitin response to it.

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