[Advaita-l] (Advaita) Bhakti vs. Jnana

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Fri Jul 1 08:19:59 CDT 2011

On Fri, Jul 1, 2011 at 8:42 AM, Ramesh Krishnamurthy <rkmurthy at gmail.com>wrote:

> On 1 July 2011 11:47, Rajaram Venkataramani <rajaramvenk at gmail.com> wrote:
> > The question is if bhakti marga is superior to jnana marga. That seems
> > to be the opinion of Lord Krishna. If anyone disagrees without a basis
> > - tough luck.
> >
> Yeah, I disagree. If Sri Krishna REALLY meant that doing bhajana is
> superior
> to shravana-manana-nidhidhyasana, then tough luck to Sri Krishna :-)

*If Sri Krishna REALLY meant that bhajana is superior to shravana etc., you
better accept that in-toto and am sure your traditional teacher would want
you to do so and he will do so himself because Sankara does.  Arjuna accepts
as true whatever Krishna says (BG 10.14). And one does make jest of the Lord
even out intimacy (BG 11.41 - 42) - definitely not in a serious
conversation. *
On a serious note, if Rajaram is serious about Advaita-Vedanta, he should at
least study under a proper teacher for a few years and get his basics right.
All these doubts will clear away like mist. Madhusudana-sarasvati and the
role of bhakti are hardly the right place to start.

*If it has cleared the mist for you, please answer with reference to
sastras. There is no point in saying Rajaram does not understand the basics
of advaita implying Ramesh does. Pl. see chapters 3.1 - 2, 5.1 - 5, 9.13 -
14 and 12.1 - 4. It clearly states  that bhakti yoga is superior to jnana
yoga or equivalent. *
 Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum

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