[Advaita-l] Mandukyopanishad for the Sanyasis

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Fri Jul 1 02:07:54 CDT 2011

Namaste Jaladharji,
Traditionally, in-depth studies of the upanishads were only undertaken by 
those who had formally renounced
Infact, if you observe, upanishad vidyas are the dialogues between teacher & pupil
who propagated rishi parampara who were grihasthas (vAnaprasthAs). 
How can someone who is immersed in the world honestly practice an ideology that states that world is false and should be shunned?
Even if the world is shunned by yatis, the vyavahArika satya haunts him.  There is no escape.   It is the viveka & vairagya that matters most.  Sanyasa is prescribed because
there won't be any family commitments so that sravana, manana would continue
without any interruption.  
BTW, there is no dasa-nami sampradaya prior to sankara and there were informal yatis who were called bhikshus.  
Would any of them urge a mumukshu not to take sannyasa?  Do they/did they 
take sannyasa themselves in due course?
None took sanyasa except Shri Virupaksha Sastrigal who ascended Kudali Mutt and 
assumed the name Valukeshwaranda Bharati.

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