[Advaita-l] World Muslim Population Doubling

kman krismanian at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 14:04:28 CST 2011

Good answer Mahesh!
Thanks for protecting Dharma!

>So, r u saying only Hindu Brahmins protect dharma? And Muslims don't? And
>then again, does quantity help your cause? Or do you care about quality
>here? And lastly, did u read the full article? It says:

>In closing, it would be amazing for me to find that Muslim's make babies
>just to spread their religion. I have Muslim friends, none of who have more
>than 2 children. And as far as I know, most Muslims in India with large
>families are those at the bottom of the economic & education scale. It
>be more effective to control their population by giving them education &
>jobs rather than crying murder about their population increasing!

>Best, Mahesh


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