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Dear List:

This has been a long thread and all I have seen so far is who said  what?  but 
no one seems to be looking at why that may have said so:

Garlic has been used in VajikaraNa to improve the libido. It works by  reducing 
platelet aggregation of the blood.  Essentially it makes the  blood thin and 
that reduces the Blood pressure in majority of the  cases.  Eseentially this can 
be considered a taking a baby aspirin to  help proper blood flow.
However,  it should be kept in mind that Garlic should not be consumed  along 
with blood thinnersm suha s Cumadin and Aspirin.  If my memory  serves right in 
late 1998 -99 a case was reported in the New England  Journal of Medicine that 
the patient was admitted in the Emergency room  for treatment of blood oozing 
from eyes.  It was later found that he was  consuming asperin, Garlic and Ginkgo 
biloba extract.

Some of the responses in this thread have already identified various  medicinal 
properties pertaining to Garlic. A good review article can be  found at


>From t he saadhaka perspective improvement in blood flow can possibly  affect 
adversely his aspiration as natural instincts of physical sexual  desire are 
likely to manifest.  Although, the smell (garlic smell) is offensive it still 
gets classifiedas a aphrodisiac.

Just some thoughts.

Dr. Yadu

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Onions and garlic are not Sattvika foods.  It is equally important to
have food prepared and served by Sattvika persons.  If you drink milk
from a bad person and say it is Sattvika food you are wrong.  If you
drink milk   served by Sudras Mlecchas and others it is bad. If even a
Brahmin serves it but he is not following his Dharma it is bad to
accept food from him.  If you eat in a hotel it is bad because some
unknown persons prepare it.  We must ensure food is prepared in
Sattvika way and served with respect. The person when preparing food
must have good thoughts otherwise it becomes poison to eat.  When you
go out of station eat in a Matha not hotel. If not possible cook your
own food and eat. One of my friend frequently goes on trips. He will
cook for himself always.  Some  orthodox Brahmins eat only food cooked
by mother or wife.  Avoid Paranna Bhojana.


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