[Advaita-l] On the meaning of "Isavasyam"

Srikanta Narayanaswami srikanta.narayanaswami at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 18 01:12:33 CST 2011

I had the opportunity to read the posting from the "Adwaita Academy"on 
Isvasyopanishad posted by Sri Sadanandaji.

The opening line of the Upanishad starts with the statement"Isavasyamidam sarvam 
yatkinca jagatyam jagat!
Tena tyaktena Bhunjita ma grdah kasyacit Dhanam".
Here,Sri,Shankara in his bhashya explains the word "Isavasyam",which is "to be 
covered by Isha".He explains Vasyam as "acchaditavyaha".

But some of the commentators explain,the word,"vasyam"as the dwelling place of 
For instance sriAurobindo in his commentary on this upanishad expalins that the 
meaning of the word"vasyam" should be "house or living place of ishwara.He also 
discounts the interpretation given by Sri.Shankara as "to be covered".Is the 
second meaning more apt?


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