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In general, nyAsa is invoking the deity in the various parts of the
body.Kara nyAsa is offering namaskara to the Lord through the fingers of
both the hands.

A japa exercise involves all the three chief instruments: manas(mind), vAk
(word/speech) and kAyaH (body).  All these instruments are divinised through
the nyAsa ritual.  In my understanding, the anga-nyAsa for 'hRdayam'
(hRdayAya namaH) is the one addressed to the 'mind'.  The vAk is taken care
of the 'chandas' nyAsa.

It also provides a protection, a protective shield to the person doing the
japam (kavachAya Hum and astrAya phaT)

A book on sandhyAvandanam will ideally contain the details. If you know
Tamil, the Ramakrishna Mutt, Chennai publication of SandhyAvandanam can be
seen which contains these in the page for Gayatri japaH.

Here are some links where you can find some answers.




Here is a nice explanation:


Re: The Ritual of Nyasa (Divinising the
 On a physical level, the ritual of nyasa is a reminder process. It sets you
up in a mindset that changes your perspective on the world, like wearing
evening attire sets you up for one mindset while wearing workout clothes
sets you up for another.

Nyasa is sort of like putting on a particular set of 'energetic' garb,
setting yourself up for yet another new or exciting or educational


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> Namaste!
> Could the learned members kindly explain the meaning and significance of
> nyAsA such as anga-nyAsA and kara-nyAsA, that one performs before japa
> such as the gAyatri-japa ?
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> gautham.
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