[Advaita-l] Tantric Acts

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My point is not against Tantra. Even in daily Puja we show Mudras to
deity. This is from Tantras only. Right? There are Dharma Aviruddha
things  and they can be accepted. The Dharma Viruddha things cannot

The other point is not wasting seed. This is from Mahabharata -

'And excited by the fragrance of the season and the charming
odours of the flowers around, and excited also by the delicious breeze,
the king could not keep his mind away from the thought of the beautiful
Girika. And beholding that a swift hawk was resting very near to him, the
king, acquainted with the subtle truths of Dharma and Artha, went unto
him and said, 'Amiable one, carry thou this seed (semen) for my wife
Girika and give it unto her. Her season hath arrived.'


King Vasu gave the seed to the bird. He did not want to waste it.  The
point I tried to make before is if a man does a unnatural act he will
waste his seed. This is wrong and he must  place it in a womb only.



On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 11:12 AM, Satish Arigela
<satisharigela at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>This is because of Tantric influences? In Dharma Sastra a man cannot
>>put his seed in a place other than womb. This is against it. In Kali
>>Yuga Dharma is weak.
> It is *quite silly* of anyone to ask if this is because of tAntric or celtic or
> Toaist influence.
> What now: everything that you see against dharma is because of tAntrik
> influence?
> What is tAntrik  anyway?: Something is labeled tAntrika because that system
> follows texts usually referred to as tantra-s which are in the form a dialogue
> between shiva and devI and approved by viShNu.
> If some practice or text is against the injunctions of the smriti, it does not
> become tAntrika!! It so happens that a few practices intersect with what in a
> different mArga called vaidika.
> Normally a brAhmaNa who doesnt adhere to his Achara will never get initiation
> into the tAntrik lore by any genuine tAntrika.
> Whoa! this discussion could be totally pointless. Some just dont get it...no
> matter what
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