[Advaita-l] Tantrik acts

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 12 07:41:20 CST 2011

>But before the British rule came also there were many restrictions.

Perhaps my intention is unclear. I am not in anyway implying that the British 
stopped ancient rites.

>The Ashwamedha Yajna is prohibited in Kali Yuga this restriction was
>earlier than British rule. 

Of-course . But there are inscriptions showing that the ashvamedha was performed 
a couple of times
in this very kali yuga by some kings... not trying to say a stray practice 
legitmizes things..

>The restrictions on Vamachara were not there they came later. Is this

We can observe different phases here. It must be kept in mind that those people 
to whom the vAmAchAra tantra-s/rites were "revealed"(or "seen") and practiced in 
ancient times came from all varNa-s.

Then there was a phase where some brAhmaNa-s who were in awe(for very good 
reasons) of those ritual systems adopted the rites whole sale.

In the next phase, the rites were practiced by the brAhmaNa-s and others but the 
usage of forbidden materials were substituted with acceptable ones. The 
brAhmaNa-s did this because they cannot abandon their vedic rituals for the 
tAntric ones, though they are welcome to practice both... which is what a 
majority of really traditional smArta-s did and still do.

In the middle we also had some smArta-s with half-baked orthodoxy who indulged 
in unnecesary criticism of tAntric rites, mainly because they did not get the 
depth of the rites. Such kind are really few though. There is a surge of these 
kind of half-smArta+half-christian Indians(of all varNa-s) in recent times, 
inspired by Abrhamistic ideals/nuances. 

>Sri.Shankara Bhagawathpada strived hard 
>to stop these Tantrik rituals.

He authored an entire work by name prapa~nchasAra tantra on how to worship 
various tAntrik deities.
So this book is full of tAntrik rites.


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