[Advaita-l] Tantric Acts

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>This Maithuna by groups allowed in Tantric books? If it is in books
>what is meaning behind this? 

That is part of chakra pUja and is *infinitely and incomprehensibly*(mark these 
two words!!) different from what was written in that book. The meaning is not 
something that can be explained in a few words(let me confess i dont understand 
it completly either). Reams of explanation will do nothing if the one receiving 
is not in the correct frame of mind or ripe enough. These are meant only for 
some individuals and they are impossible to perform these days and some aspects 
of these rituals are no longer relevant in this day and age due to some 
irrepairable damage done to the Indian society. Thanks to the English - In many 
ways they completely botched up the avg Indian mind with their Christian 
influenced juvenile way of looking at religious issues. Most Indians do not even 
know that a big chunk of their world-view is no longer Hindu/Indian. Actually no 
need to blame the English completely - a lot of factors contributed to this.

>I remember reading in the Mahabharata that a primitive version of gandharva
>vivaha was the norm in the early days 

baudhAyana in his dharma sUtra says that this is the best form of marriage as it 
is born out of mutual love.

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Namaste Sarmaji,

I remember reading in the Mahabharata that a primitive version of gandharva
vivaha was the norm in the early days . Pandu shares this with Kunti and
also how Shvetaketu brought about a great change in a way that only one man
needs to be taken as a partner in marriage and sex. But I don't remember
reading the part about offering one's wife as a partner for the night. May I
know the reference please? Thanks.


2011/1/12 D.V.N.Sarma డి.వి.ఎన్.శర్మ <dvnsarma at gmail.com>

> I would like to remind members that till Svetaketu prohibited it, an
> athidhi
> (guest)
> was given not only food but the householder's wife for the night. It was
> one
> of the
> duties enjoined on the householders.
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