[Advaita-l] Thank you and Bye

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An internet forum is, by definition, something that presents diverse views.
And given the contemporary world, it is also a given that many of these
views are not consistent with tradition or with what a given member thinks
of as tradition. In particular, this forum was never meant to be a substitute
for traditional learning of vedAnta. It is, at best, a convenient place to find
some quick answers and maybe conduct a basic discussion. At worst, it is
a distraction and a time sink that takes away from more serious study.

Good luck with your search for answers,

> Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 22:34:02 +0000
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> Subject: [Advaita-l] Thank you and Bye
> I came to this forum to have my doubts clarified and am indeed thankful to
> the members on this forum for taking the time to respond to my queries.
> However, in my view, knowledge means to come to firm conclusion consistent
> with tradition. Lord Krishna says, "I am vada", which leads to a firm
> conclusion. I find that this forum has diverse views inconsistent with
> tradition even on basic dharma and srauta topics such as ahimsa and animal
> sacrifice. On Vedanta, I have been labouring for weeks to understand the
> view of traditional scholars on Isvara. There is one view that He is
> paramartika and there is another that He is vyavaharika. There are multiple
> views on form of Isvara. Also, there is lack of clarity on Saguna Brahman
> and Savisesha Brahman. Given the extent of the subject, I dont think that an
> unmoderated internet forum is a way for me to learn. To be quite frank, I
> would have liked to see methodical approach to each topic. For example, what
> does sruti and smrti say about Isvara? What is the interpretation by
> acharyas? How is this interpretation justified based on nirukta, nyaya,
> vyakharana etc.? But given everyone's knowledge level and pre-occcupations,
> I dont think it is fair to expect that in a forum. Hence, I have decided to
> leave the forum but wanted to leave the feedback in case the moderators may
> consider giving it more structure in future. I think it is a great fortune
> to have sat sangha and by leaving the forum, I am just saving time. The
> devotees on this forum have a place in my heart and my namaskarams. My
> prayers and best wishes for the success in propagation of Veda Dharma.
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