[Advaita-l] Spirituality and its Contemporary Significance

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Tue Jan 4 18:58:14 CST 2011


An article with the above title  was recently published in a Temple Souvenir
in Kerala.  The author, Sri Umamaheswaran, known to me, has permitted me to
publish it elsewhere too. I have uploaded it in the following blog where
those interested could read the same:


Here is a brief excerpt:

In a nutshell – Whether it is a book, discourse, discussion or debate – If
it does not help us in leading a more satisfactory, enriching and fulfilling
life, it is futile. Likewise, we all need to go into the depth of teaching
the essence.

* *

*uddhareth aathmanaaa Athmaanam na aathmaanamavasaadayeth*

*Athmaiva hy aathmano bandhuraathmaiva ripuraathmanaH (Bhagavadgita 6.5)*

In this, Bhagwan Sri Krishna says, Man alone is Man’s friend and Man alone
is Man’s foe. We should continuously lift ourselves, and never allow
ourselves to fall prey to cheaper thrills of life. Instead should aim to
move, from better to best.

See the clarity and force of this expression, UNIVERSAL TRUTH.

Due to our upbringing, environment and circumstances, we are attuned to
establish the cause of failure as bad time, misfortune etc. More often than
not, we somehow blame a tangible or intangible entity for our failure.
Krishna cautions us that we ourselves are responsible.



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