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Dear Sri Ram Kumar ji,

There is a very great organization by the name "Sri Veda Rakshana Nidhi" see at http://www.vrnt.org.in/

This great institution is located in West Mambalam, Chennai. I don't know of any US based organization, although you may want to contact Astrojyothi.com at http://www.astrojyoti.com/vedashala.htm

Where Pundit Sri G K Sitaraman conducts classes. But in my honest opinion, there are great organization in India which we can support on an individual basis rather than adding to the list.

Please don't mistake me for this statement, I am merely saying that by starting a new institution, immediate issues such as Sampradaya, which Acharya to follow etc. may crop up when trying to seek members en mass in US which may be detrimental in the long run, while I accept that Vedic authority transcends Sampradaya.

However, if members of this mailing list are willing to start such a organization, I don't see any huge issues.

I personally believe the best way to help is to go directly to a Patashala in India and give whatever one may give. In fact, there is a story where Sri Kanchi Mahaperiyava asked a devotee to prepare sweets (Bhakshanam) for the children in the Patashala. Any small kainkarya is a great offering of Bhakti to these young lads who are the torch bearers of our great great tradition.

Dharma Eva Hatho Hanthi
Dharmo Rakshati Rakshithah |
Thasmaath Dharmo Na Hathavyaha
Maano Dharmo Hathovathi ||

Dharma destroys the destroyer (of Dharma) Dharma protects the protector (of Dharma). Therefore do not destroy Dharma and Dharma does not harm you.

Sriram Nagaraj

--The inner Light illuminates our minds--

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Is there a US based organisation which has a list of the vedic patashalas in
india, and which accepts donation to fund them. If not why cant we start a
trust to that effect

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