[Advaita-l] Anantaa vai vedaah

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 30 07:16:49 CDT 2011

Shri Subramanian:
>Sarvajnatva of a knower, Jnani, is not about the mithyA; it is
>only with respect to the Satyam.  Nor can it be said on the basis of any
>pramANa, that the knowledge of Sat will automatically make that knower a
>visheShajna of the mithyA.


I am suggesting let us be open to the claim that brahma vidyA also 
opens doors to all vyAvahArika sciences and arts. Those few who want 
to explore this domain should do so (provided they have done the
required the preparatory work AND have sadguru bhakti to support).

Shri Vidyasankar: 
>The instrumental case covers what you say - that brahmavidyA encompasses
>all knowledge, sacred and secular. The locative case goes a step beyond and
>renders all particular kinds of vyAvahArika knowledge redundant or irrelevant
>for the brahmajnAnI.

My personal opinion on this is: agreed at some stage vyAvahArika
sciences and arts will be transcended in quest for a much
higher tattva. But this did not prevent people like me and you and 
many others on this list from acquiring these (vyAvahArika
sciences and arts) under the label of "modern science and 
technology". If one were to present any topic in these fields WITHOUT 
any adhyAtma-adhidaiva angle to it almost all will enthusiastically 
read it / contemplate on it. Only when someone brings in an 
adhyAtma-adhidaiva and related angles into it do we start 
talking this language of "finally everything is mithyA". We are 
probably the most blessed people in the history of mankind. We 
understand multiple disciplines of modern science and technology and
may be even arts. In addition, with sadguru's grace we understand 
atleast the basics of vedas (or so we think). If WE do not explore 
augmenting modern science and technology with insights from 
sAnhkya-yoga-vedas, WHO will?

Best regards,

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