[Advaita-l] Veda is eternal

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Even if we take a general meaning for Veda as knowledge which includes even the objective knowledge, Veda is infinite. In any field on can go on specializing and it becomes a delta function - knowing more and more about less and less. Bharadvaja story exemplifies this even to the scriptural study. It is said that more one knows the more ignorant one becomes since he realizes that what he does not know is growing faster than what he knows. In any scientific paper that starts out with an objective of understanding the problem, ends with more questions requiring further investigation and of course requiring more funds. That is the nature of Veda. Only way to know is what Upanishad itself teaches in response to the students demand - kasminno bhagavo vijnaate sarvam idam vijnaatam bhavati - Hay Bhagavan, teach me that knowledge knowing which I know everything - For that only Vedanta becomes a pramANa. 
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So you can see that the context here is never-ending/too much to master, very much in the spirit of the panchatantra shloka “anantapAram kila shabdashAstram”, “The shastras are without limit”

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