[Advaita-l] A question on Brahma

anselmo hernandez elmo_terbutilo at yahoo.com.mx
Thu Aug 25 10:22:06 CDT 2011

Dear All,
Please receive by this medium a cordial salute ¡
I have a cuestion on the word "brahma"
I found that the common translations of the Rig Veda take it as meaning "prayer"
with the accent on the first letter a,
And that it means "priest clan" with the accent in the last a,
Is this correct?
Moreover I pose the question: what would be the impediments of translate the word "brahma" as "the absolute" directly in the Rig Veda ?
Or at least translate it as the "growing one" or somethin like that?
I hope not to be inoportune,
Thanks before hand,

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